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Okay, I think I’ve made it!


I’ve been bloggin’ now for a couple of months and I’ve just been TAGGED for the first time. Yes, I’m a tagging virgin. Thanks so much to Flossie for the tag!

Okay, so seven things about me that no one knows:

1. I wanted to change my name to Alex when I was a teenager.

2. My favourite brand of car is Honda.

3. My feet are constantly dirty as I hate to wear shoes.

4. I don’t like the travelling part of travelling. I wish I could just teleport myself everywhere (I’m quite impatient, but that is something everyone knows!).

5. I wish I had a knack for gardening, but I don’t.

6. My greatest joy in life would be to see a whale in the wild (of course that is next to my kids).

7. I’d love to be able to play hockey.

Okay, good? Now, I’ve got to tag people too, lets pick 5…….

Captain Crafter

Tara’s Paper Crafts

Stamping with Jamie

Brenda’s Ink Spot

Stamping with Emily

Enjoy! I’m looking forward to learning 7 things about you all!


2 thoughts on “Okay, I think I’ve made it!

  1. Interesting info! Oh, the days of being a teenager… I wanted to change my name to Veronica (like in the Archie comics!). Thanks for your encouraging comments on my blog, and thanks for the link! Have a great day!

  2. I wasn’t sure where to post so i’ll do it here.
    1. I want to change my name to the Incredible Bulk.
    2. My favourite car is the Mustang, a close second was the Pinto.
    3. You don’t want to know whats constantly dirty on me baby.
    4. I to don’t like the traveling part, and I’ve always wanted a transporter.
    5. I wish I had the knack for counterfeiting money.
    6. My joy in life really is my family, but, my passion is to wrestle a grizzly bear.
    7. I would love to be able to play soccer again.

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