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Pole Lot of Fun!


Okay, I know this is SO not stamping related but I needed to blog about it! Last night I hosted a “Pole Lot of Fun” party. What is this? Well, it’s pole dancing.

I was a bit aprehensive about swinging around a pole in my living room with some girlfriends, but Gabi (our instructor) quickly put me at ease. She showed us some basic moves which we made into a little routine with our partner, Brad (the pole). At first, I didn’t want to make eye contact with ANYONE as it was kinda embarassing but near the end, we were winking at each other and slipping money (not real) in each other’s clothing. Yep, really did that.

What did I come away with from this party? Well, for the first time in a long time, I wasn’t thinking about my extra rolls and how they may jiggle. I didn’t think about what to make for dinner or about the laundry that needed to be done. I thought about how great I must look on this cool steel pole and how cool it was that I could do it! And, the best part? Spending some well earned time with the girlfriends.

You can check the company out on their website or you can reach Gabi (who is the wife of the founder – how cool is that? I had pole dancing royalty in my house? Gabi is kinda like the “Sterling” of pole dancing…..) on her own site.

I know, you’ve read this post and are anxiously looking for pictures, right? Out of respect for my guests, I’m not going to post any but, believe me, the mental pictures will be in my head for quite some time. If you are at Convention Session 1, Brenda and I may just put on a show for you, and, yes, we will make sure we wear elastic waist pants and you can “tip” us with stamp sets!!!


4 thoughts on “Pole Lot of Fun!

  1. What fun, glad a good time was had by all.

  2. Thank you for posting such a positive piece on pole dancing and proving that you don’t need to have hair extensions, false nails and a perma-tan to enjoy it.
    I hope that other women will be inspired my this, come and give it a go, and we can finally get over the stigma that pole dancing is a dirty word.

  3. I’ll do anything for Stamp Sets even Pole Dance. Everyone should try this at least once. :);)
    Loads of fun.

  4. Hi! Just discovered your blog. I was reading about the pole dancing and thought it would have been very entertaining to see some photos of this!! Oh, yeah, photos of a bunch of women pole dancing…how funny!! Keep up the great blog you got going here! Bye!!

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