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Angela’s Book


Isn’t this lovely? I received this book from Angela Giroux as a door prize at the SCS Dinner in April. (I have a backlog of wonderful things to show you, I’m slowly getting to them all!). I LOVE this book! I’ll show a few other pics and see if I can figure out what she did here.

Obviously, she used different patterns of the Au Chocolat paper – which we love! I sure hope this stuff makes it into the new catalogue (which is only 22 days away!!!). The chipboard “m” has been stamped embossed overtop with what looks like clear embossing powder to make it shimmer. She used some hodgepodge hardward and stamped the words “memories” with her Rough Edges Alpha.

Inside you’ll see quite a few pages…but are they pages? NO! They are envelopes!

Each envelope has a Very Vanilla insert which she added a rounded tab in some more Au Chocolat paper – love this!

Lastly, on the back, she added a “stamped by” sentiment and when it was done. I love when stampers do this. It helps me to remember who made something and when….as I’m getting old….older than Craig as he always reminds me…only by a few months…..


3 thoughts on “Angela’s Book

  1. It’s absolutely BEAUTIFUL! Love the au chocolat paper!

  2. LOVE IT!!! I did one very simular with #10 envelopes it came out great. I punched 3 holes, used metal rings and lots of ribbon to hold it together…..What keeps this master-piece together?

  3. I really love this! did she just use a small album of sorts to put it together? i’d like to make one!

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